Dunwoody House Prep for Resale

Here is a great example of how we can help our clients prep a home for resale, with the goal of maximizing the amount of equity profited from the sale.

PS. SO proud of Eric for stepping in front of the camera to walk us through the renovation prep. He once said the camera wasn’t for him  (Here we come HGTV…. baby steps)

Atlanta Flip Project

Not too long ago we shared that we are taking on our first “fixer upper” project with Sieber Realty Group!  We’ve already experienced a variety of emotions in the beginning stages of mapping out the steps to our investment, however, I would say excitement is at the top of the list!

I am going to do my very best at recording each weeks progress, with the expectations that some weeks will have a lot more to share visually than others.  Some weeks involve waiting on permits, surveyors, quotes etc, so nothing too terribly exciting to report during these times.  But if you know me I am very animated so maybe I’ll feel creative enough to share something 🙂

Isn’t she beautiful ❤

Since we are waiting on a few steps to get the actual “Demo permit”, our focus this week has been cleaning up the landscaping.  It is absolutely amazing the difference this has made!  Sounds simple right?!  The men have busted their behinds and it shows, pictures to follow.  While cleaning out the front yard, Eric had the unfortunate experience of stumbling upon the biggest yellow jacket nest he has ever seen!  Poor guy got stung quite a few times, but hardly complained…well… OK I would too!! If you look at the picture with the landscaping cleared you will see the fire ring where they burned the nest.  HUGE!

Can you spot the nest?!

Eric’s father, also our partner in this adventure, came into town to see the property for the first time. We had an amazing brainstorming session, and we were able to bring the little ones for them to see the house.  Let me just tell you,  they did not understand what we were doing and were very adamant about NOT moving to Atlanta…. oh boy! We now have a design in mind.  Once we get the land surveyed and the site map, we will be ready to demo this bad boy and set the ball in motion to make this home beautiful again.  And have I mentioned that this home sits on one of the biggest lots around?!  What a diamond in the rough!  Homes are being renovated on all sides of our property.  It is just minutes from the Tyler Perry studio, and the market is on fire.  Here is to believing that everything goes as smoothly as possible and we can get her renovated and SOLD!

Thank you for reading!  Would LOVE for you to follow along our journey 🙂  You can subscribe to our website for the latest updates.


❤ – Lauren