Bringing Down the HOUSE

We had the NICEST crew of veterans tear this house down, and I am pretty sure they enjoyed every second  (Video below)

Next step, building permit.  Friends, let’s all pray Atlanta does not find a way to delay us any more

Know anyone we can help? We would LOVE to be a resource and earn their business. Thank you to all of our friends and family that continue to refer us and support our mission, we love you all!

God Bless!


Dunwoody House Prep for Resale

Here is a great example of how we can help our clients prep a home for resale, with the goal of maximizing the amount of equity profited from the sale.

PS. SO proud of Eric for stepping in front of the camera to walk us through the renovation prep. He once said the camera wasn’t for him  (Here we come HGTV…. baby steps)

The Waiting Game

Last week went how we had expected… a whole lot of the waiting game.  We were on the schedule to have the survey crew come out and get the new survey and site map in place, but unfortunately it rained the day of our appointment and they can not do what they need to with their electronic equipment in the rain. Go figure right?!

We did get the floor plan laid out, and we have an engineer scheduled to walk through the plan with Eric.  And you guys,  it is pretty amazing!  Not to brag but I did help, and come to find out I am actually pretty good at coming up with ideas on how the home should flow.  I have also walked through hundreds of homes this year with clients, so I have taken what they have said they like, and do not like, and applied that to this floor plan.

Even though we do not feel we made great strides this week on our flip home, we do feel great about the other renovations we have underway (pictures to come soon). And I did get to meet the sweet family face-to-face at the closing table that I have been working with over the past few months on their big move from California to Georgia, so this was extra special for me ❤

Welcome to Georgia ❤

This week we hope to have the survey and site map completed and the demo permit applied for….fingers crossed!!

I also have two closings scheduled for my lovely friend, for who we have worked hard to make this transition happen, so definitely a sweet victory for her and her family.  I also have a custom sign going in place for the land lot (Cobb county has made this quite the obstacle), and an open house this weekend for another fully renovated home in Atlanta. Exciting week ahead!

Hope you all have a blessed week!  And for those participating, have a safe Halloween. We will definitely be out and about with our little trick-or-treaters 🙂