Bringing Down the HOUSE

We had the NICEST crew of veterans tear this house down, and I am pretty sure they enjoyed every second  (Video below)

Next step, building permit.  Friends, let’s all pray Atlanta does not find a way to delay us any more

Know anyone we can help? We would LOVE to be a resource and earn their business. Thank you to all of our friends and family that continue to refer us and support our mission, we love you all!

God Bless!


Dunwoody House Prep for Resale

Here is a great example of how we can help our clients prep a home for resale, with the goal of maximizing the amount of equity profited from the sale.

PS. SO proud of Eric for stepping in front of the camera to walk us through the renovation prep. He once said the camera wasn’t for him  (Here we come HGTV…. baby steps)