Meet the Team

Eric has worked in the construction industry for nearly 20 years.  After Eric came back from deployment, he went to work with his dad in construction.  After working with him for a couple years, Eric started his own company called Sieber & Sons LLC.  Eric ran this company for 11 years prior to Sieber Realty Group starting up. 

Eric is a licensed and insured General Contractor. His contracting services range from project design to project completion. He specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, home additions, refinishing basements and building homes. Eric is extremely talented at what he does.  He values integrity and meekness in life and in his profession.

Lauren helped Eric with his remodeling company, Sieber & Sons LLC, since 2008. She did some hands-on projects, but mostly helped run “the books”. Watching his company grow, she learned a lot about the real estate industry, and was always eager to learn more.

In 2017, Lauren dove into real estate courses.  After an intense two-week course, she passed the class exam, and then the state exam.  Lauren is driven and determined to make the home buying/selling experience for her clients as enjoyable as possible and as smooth as possible.  Laurens favorite part of the real estate process is negotiations! She enjoys working with both buyers and sellers, and also works with investors finding investment properties.

Eric and Lauren work hand in hand with Sieber Realty Group. Eric provides a valuable service to Lauren’s real estate clients in both buying and selling. He also manages the investment property projects for Sieber Realty Group. Eric and Lauren have 4 children: Erikson, Elijah, Ethan and Layla. They also have a German Shepherd named Solomon.  They enjoy family time, and helping others. 


Lauren Sieber

Jenni Fischer- Office Administrator

Jenni joined Sieber Realty Group in September 2019.  She has been an amazing addition to the team.  She helps put systems in place, keep us organized, and she is super creative!  Jenni isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and step in on the job sites when we need her! 

Jerry Rose- Carpenters Apprentice

Jay joined Sieber Realty Group in February of 2019 to gain more knowledge of the construction industry. He is always willing to work, no matter how difficult the job, and has grown a lot since working under Eric! We love watching him step up and learn!

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