Home Renovation Complete! (Very late posting🤗)

Our clients bought this home using a renovation loan, a common loan used to buy an older home with room for upgrades to increase the value of the home, and the renovation costs can be rolled into the loan. A brilliant way to create your dream home! (Can we say HGTV style commonly seen in “Fixer Upper” and “Property Brothers” 😜)

We have completely opened up the main level for an open concept look.  We have designed the floor plan to include a custom kitchen with a beautiful island. The main floor and upstairs will be getting all new hardwoods and fresh paint, and the basement will get fresh paint as well.

Home prior to renovations

Demo and Framing progress

Next we will be laying the hardwood floors, and installing the cabinets.  We will really start to see it come together with the next few steps, stay tuned!! ❤



Project Complete!


As you can see our clients had a very specific look they wanted. They wanted a clean, crisp white look to their home, that they intend to accent with colorful artwork and accent pieces 🙂  At the end they were extremely happy with the outcome and are now happy to be in their new home 💕


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